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Murabitun: Global Sufism and World Transformation

The Murabitun is the most overtly political of all contemporary global Sufi groups. Led by a Scottish convert, it has established communities of converts in 21 countries. The group is highly active on the internet, where it promotes the re-establishment of the gold dinar as a global and halal currency. The group claims that the revival of the dinar will precipitate the collapse of the world economy and create the foundations for a pious world transformation (Bubandt 2009a; Bubandt forthcoming). The research project will be a multi-sited ethnographic study of the relationship between mystic experience and political imaginaries in the group. It will look comparatively at four communities of converts in England, Spain, South Africa, and Mexico, respectively.  NB has conducted exploratory fieldwork in England in 2006 and has contacts to the Murabitun leadership which will grant easy access.

Principal Researcher: Nils Bubandt

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